If you are a property owner who rents to tenants, and you’re looking for a property management service, here is your answer. We are a full service Real Estate Company that has been helping in managing properties.

We know that choosing the right company to manage your rental property is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. When you choose our company, we’ll work to ensure that your investment in the property generates the highest returns possible. Our professional property managers know how to protect your property your pride of ownership.

Our property management experience ranges from duplexes, apartments, to single family homes. Our team members know that every rental property is different, so we give each property individualized attention.

You may rest assured that when you choose us to manage your investment properties, you will be well and faithfully represented. Our goal is to make this an easy transition for everyone, and limit the “bumps in the road”.

Property Management Services We Offer:

• Supply rental applications and all other documents necessary.

• Handle all tenant problems.

• Fully account for all deposits and rental payments.

• Obtain bids and notify our clients prior to any excessive expenses regarding their property.

• Ensure all required maintenance is completed in a timely manner.

• Provide 24-hour emergency service.

As a Property Management service provider, we normally do the screening and make the rental decisions for you. However, if you prefer to choose the tenants yourself, we can screen the applicants for you. We know that having fast and accurate information on your applicant will make it easy for you to make an informed business decision.

Our Express Tenant Screening Report provides the following resident screening information on the resident / tenant: a credit profile, social security search, and search of criminal conviction information.

The Full Tenant Screening Report provides everything mentioned in the Express Report. Additionally, the full tenant report provides phone verification for tenant rental and employment references.

We provide additional services, such as full service pre-employment and volunteer screening. Whether you represent a large company or small business, hiring qualified employees and volunteers is critical to your success.

We can help you get these prospective employees onboard quickly and easily through our efficient employment screening.

We are proud to offer customizable Rental Criteria. Since all landlords are different, you may have a different idea of positive qualifying standards than someone else. These criteria cover several different areas, allowing you to customize the criteria to fit your specific needs.

Once the Criteria have been customized you will have set standards that each applicant must meet in order to be approved to rent from you. These standards will ensure that everyone who applies is treated in exactly the same way, which helps to protect you against Fair Housing claims.

When you need a professional real estate company to manage your rental or investment property, make us your “Number One” choice. Please contact us today at (402)714-8275.


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